Re-marketing Your Voice-Over Image

Motivation! Nothing gets me more motivated than the opportunity to add to my income! One of the most important aspects of any business is marketing. Specifically, re-marketing. Starting fresh, revitalizing, putting the punch into your voiceover business.

Often, once the studio, your clients and your referrals are in place, its easy to become complacent. The clients will automatically come beating on your website wanting more of YOUR FANTASTIC VOICE! Right? NOT! In fact, whether you like it or not, they just might actually forget you! Re-marketing is an important skill that needs to be a part of your repertoire. Remarketing necessities:

New Demos

New demos need to be updated, making sure the quality is nothing short of excellent. Demos are your calling card. Make sure these are updated annually either in your own studio or by using a professional audio engineer to guide you through the process.


Make sure your website is up to date and showcases your voice to rise above the rest, while voice-seekers are searching the internet for a fresh sound for their product.


Time to hit the streets! Believe it or not I remember when Richard Branson was schlepping records for his record company. He hit the streets, shaking hands, making new contacts and above all - SMILING! If at all possible visit all your current and past clients in person. Let them know you are still alive, hand them your new demo, and let them see your professionalism first hand. Canvass your city, hitting every potential voice seeker, so they will think of you for the little on hold message coming up for the holidays, or the major web presentation coming up for their marketing campaign. Do this and I guarantee you will receive call-backs within a very short time.

Contact Again!

For those clients that are national or global, email them with info to your new website, and links to your demos. Snail mail is also an excellent idea. Personalize your business as much as possible. After your initial contact, email a short message that you were happy to see them the other day, that you hope to work on new voice projects with them in the future. Holiday cards and birthday cards are also helpful in personalizing your business AND re-marketing yourself.

Re-marketing always infuses your voiceover business with a ray of sunlight, and connecting with your clients enhances the spectrum of those rays. Using these tips will make your voiceover business shine!