Re-Think Your Voiceover Goals!

Everyday is a perfect time to reflect on just what direction your Voiceover Business is headed.  1) Is your Voiceover Business your primary means of income, or just a sideline that provides additional income? 2) In the past year how many new clients have been added to your roster? How many return clients did you service this year? Have you lost any clients? 3) In terms of income, has your income increased or decreased in the last year? DON'T BE AFRAID TO "BEEF" IT UP! If you have a viable Voiceover Business, a mid-year overview can result into a strategy that will solidify your reputation, and ultimately add to your income. Start with an inventory of your equipment. Does your home studio provide the best audio quality to get you the job, and provide your client with nothing but best in a final product? Listen to other demos: how does yours compare? Is there something lacking? You may want to look into purchasing a new microphone or adding a mic processor to tweak your sound quality. Demos: Yes! Yes! Update your demo and now make additional demos for specific client needs. News/Radio/Airchecks, Commercial,  OnHold,  Medical Narrations, Real Estate, Multi Media, E-learning, Explainer, & Audiobooks are just a few separate demos to add to your profile. Re-market yourself by contacting your existing clients to let them know YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! Seriously, many in the position of hiring Voice Talent also have other job responsibilities. Make sure you are top of mind for them to call you when they need a voice for a project. Research other avenues to increase your productivity and visibility. Talent Agents, Voiceover Talent Directories; like and premium subscriptions), local advertisers!